Corey Butcher

Vice President

Seeing friends and family struggling with credit card debt, Corey Butcher saw the need to empower and support consumers that were buried by debt. In 2006, Corey decided to start Financial Freedom of America. He envisioned a company that would directly engage its clients’ creditors and negotiate a successful resolution. This would not only assist the client in ending their credit card debt but also give them immediate relief and peace of mind. Through the years, Corey has built the reputation of building successful organizations. Financial Freedom Group is proof of this track record.

Focused on providing many products to assist clients and consumers with their financial needs, Financial Freedom Group’s portfolio consists of companies to help clients resolve their credit card debt through negotiation and consolidation services. Corey also has plans for Financial Freedom Group to add financial services to its portfolio, including mortgage, auto lending, marketing services and consumer credit cards.

Over the last 15+ years Corey has served on multiple boards, served as chairman of the United States Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives and has received several awards