In an article featured in Baltimore Business Journal, CDRI Chairman Tomas Gordon discusses launching a trade association to advocate for companies that are following “the spirit” of federal laws and regulations aimed at protecting consumers. Read
In an Op-Ed featured in Morning Consult, CDRI Chairman Tomas Gordon discusses the impacts of COVID-19 on consumer debt, and the role debt settlement will play in assisting consumers during these challenging and uncertain times. Read
A top Marine Corps leader at Camp Lejeune asked state lawmakers Wednesday to crack down on the debt settlement industry in North Carolina by passing a bill that stalled last month in the Senate. The
Nearly half, 47 percent, of U.S. adults, or about 120 million people, currently have credit card debt, up from 43 percent reported in early March, according to a new report from  The sudden spike in
While not everyone is actually getting ill from COVID-19, we are all feeling the far-reaching effects of the virus. The pandemic is especially wreaking havoc on Americans’ financial health. Before the virus reached the US,

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