Debt Relief Industry Awards

The debt relief industry is constantly evolving to meet current regulations and to keep up with changing consumer needs. Much of this work is done by companies and individuals who are committed to delivering innovative and exceptional service that propels the industry forward and in a positive manner. We need your help identifying these organizations and leaders!

CDRI is looking to recognize five entities who have delivered outstanding contributions to his/her company and the debt relief industry as a whole in 2021 as defined by the following parameters:

Debt Relief Advocate of the Year

This executive leader embodies the true spirit of the debt relief industry, evidenced by excellence in both internal and external execution while focused on the best possible outcomes for consumers.

Woman with an Edge

This award seeks to recognize a female executive who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, integrity, performance and a commitment to innovating on the leading edge of the debt relief industry.

Emerging Company of the Year

Help us recognize the company that has demonstrated the greatest potential to grow, drive change and ultimately deliver positive impacts on the future of the debt relief industry and the consumers it serves.

Best In Service Award

This award is presented to the B2B service provider that has demonstrated expertise, unique value, strong ROI and a lasting commitment to clients, underscoring the overall mission of the industry.

Under 40 Leadership Award

This individual exemplifies outstanding leadership, integrity, performance and an inclusive team approach used to produce positive outcomes within his/her company and promote advancement of the industry.

Ready to nominate?

Use the form below to nominate a company or individual. Winners will be recognized at our upcoming Edge Cabo 2022 conference in September.

Debt Relief Industry Award

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