CDRI Expands Leadership Team, Oversight with New Board Member

WASHINGTON — The executive board of directors of Consumer Debt Relief Initiative (CDRI) unanimously approved the creation of an additional board seat with the intention of broadening industry participation, particularly from the payment processing space. Effectively immediately, the role will be filled by Global Holdings, LLC as represented by its co-founder Rob Merrick. The decision to expand the board comes amid considerable movement among debt settlement regulation and legislation in various states as the country aims to rebound from financial challenges affecting consumers that have arisen from the ongoing pandemic.

Global Holdings is a financial technology company that has been providing payment processing and account management services to the debt settlement industry for nearly 20 years. Global’s technology platform and expert services have enabled the implementation of debt settlement strategies for millions of consumers. Merrick concurrently leads Global’s sales and business development teams while serving as a well-respected voice and passionate advocate for the debt settlement industry. A serial entrepreneur with keen acumen for financial technology, his insight and expertise are a welcome addition to the CDRI board.

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