About Member Portal

About the Member Portal

The CDRI member portal is a feature available to all members.  The portal is a members-only private area of the website that requires logging in.  Within the portal there are several key features that can be a great resource for member companies.  Learn about them below:

About Directory Profiles

Your directory profile is a unique URL for your organization that is publicly available by either accessing it via the ‘Member Directory’ on the CDRI website, or browsing to your unique URL with any web browser.  If you display the CDRI member seal you should always hyperlink the seal to your directory profile URL.  Not only does it allow your website visitors to quickly and easily verify your membership, it also helps increase your website’s relevance in search engines.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW AN EXISTING DIRECTORY PROFILE .

To locate your directory profile URL, go to the member directory on the CDRI website, and locate the vCard for your company.  Click your card, and it will navigate to your directory URL.  Copy and paste the URL in your browser address field.

Accessing & Managing Your Profile

To access your profile, you will need to login to the member portal.  From the CDRI homepage, click ‘Member Login’.  Your username is the email address of the membership contact from your member application.  If you do not know the email address for your account email us at membership@debtreliefadvocate.com to recover this information.  If you know the email address, but forgot your password, simply use the ‘request password’ feature to recover your password.

Once logged into the portal, you can manage your directory profile using the tabs across the top.  Changes in any of the taps will edit what is displayed on your public profile.

Key Profile Features

  • Profile Description – Allows you to edit the company description on your public profile
  • Profile Links – Using this feature, you can add important hyperlinks to the company description area of your profile page.  Use this feature to link back to your main website to pages such as testimonials, or key leadership, or you can back-link to TrustPilot, BBB,  or other trust building sites where you have a profile.  You can add up to five profile links to your directory description content area.
  • Social Media – In the Social Links section, you can add the address for each of your social sites into the appropriate spaces.
  • Additional Tab – Add additional contacts or locations for your organization.
  • Public URL – From your public directory profile page anyone can share your profile on social media using the ‘Share this Profile’ feature, access your social media profile (if you have inserted links to them in the portal), or leave recommendations for your business.